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My Moda Profile: Kelsi Brown

Kelsi is a 21 year-old (soon to be 22!) fashion design intern living in L.A. She went to school in Indianapolis but is originally from Kentucky. Kelsi is known for her inspiration boards… Continue reading

My Moda Profile: Patrice Adams

There is something about Patrice. Patrice Adams’ vibrant personality and personal style never go unnoticed. She’s just the kind of person that makes people want to get to know her a little better.… Continue reading

Quick Look of the day!

Today I received a request for a look of the day, and since it’s a chilling Friday and we got nothing much to do at work I decided to go ahead and post… Continue reading

Milano Fashion Week

As another fashion week happens, this one being in Milan-Italy, we can’t get enough of the fashions from the street! There are plenty of different styles that should be enough to water many… Continue reading

My Moda Profile: Eutemia Stockman

It’s easy to guess where we met Eutemia Stockman, at a fashion show of course! The sweet fashionista is very much engaged in the Indianapolis fashion scene. She knows just about everybody, and wins… Continue reading

Spring is sneaking in…

This winter we all got a taste of spring in Indianapolis. With all the hot events happening in our city, Mother Nature decided to sneak in a bit soon :) (not complaining!!) So… Continue reading

Brazilian Beauty: Isabela Paim

To kick-start our MMP’s (My Moda Profile) new year nothing better than going back to our roots, right?! So we chose to feature our most fashionable Brazilian friend/fashion graduate/artist and mommy! We met… Continue reading

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