Anniversary Series- Take I

Here we are, celebrating our one year anniversary in the midst of crazy events! But oh well, that’s life and we wouldn’t like it any different!!!

This take is focused on the pant of the season. While the skinnies are still a do, the fuller pant with narrow ankle is hot and NOW if you know what I mean ;)

Rules of thumb include:

-Do textured and low crotch if you are thin, but stick with the solids and matte fabrics if you’ve got yourself a booty. The texture and prints give an illusion of BIG things!

- Few people can pull off the loose fit tee along with the loose pant, so go for a fitted tee or girly blouse to balance the look. Add a blazer or cropped jacket for a more pulled together ensemble.

- Wear it with flats for a casual feel or heels for a night out or party look. No matter what look you are going for, these are the most comfortable pants you’ll ever get yourself into. As a side note, man tend to find them extremely unflattering, but since we dress for women who cares?! hehehehe

Have fun with your pants!!!

Photo Credit: Lenny White from Lenny White Photography

Special thanks to Gallery 116 whom kindly welcomed us and let us get inspired and use their artsy space for a background on our photo-shoot!



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