Moda Profile: Madison Hanulak

Madison is a “preppy girl” living in Indy! She is about to graduate from the Art Institute of Indianapolis with a major in Fashion Retail and Merchandise. Madison is one of the few people we know who makes a true effort to participate in the events and spread the word about fashion in Indy. She is a member of several entities and seems eager to make her name in the industry!

Look 1: Work (Jacket: Ralph Lauren; Cream dress: Donna Karan; Handbag: Mark Cross; Shoes: Sam Edelman)

MODA: What would be your dream job in the fashion industry?

MADISON: My dream job in the fashion industry would be owning my own Lifestyle Consulting Firm. I would love to be able to help women and retail stores plan their next event, style their next outfit, organize their fashionable life and create their next visual display.

MODA: Who do you look up to style wise?

MADISON: I feel I look up to a great group of fashionable women that hold a classic and traditional style with a fun twist. I have always looked up to Diane Keaton. I love her now and in her Annie Hall days. Diane has a way of making men’s clothing look feminine and sweet. She truly is one of the first women in Hollywood to bring the idea of “my boyfriends” clothing to women’s wardrobes. Nothing compares to the classic preppy style of Jackie Kennedy. I loved her simple but elegant dresses and Channel suits paired with her timeless strain of pearls. I am a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. I really love her delicate accessories, natural makeup, and of course stunning gowns. My Preppy Guru is and always will be my mother. We literally share every J Crew belt, Brooks Bothers cardigan, and pearl accessory we own. She made me the preppy girl I am today.

Look 2: Every Day (Dress: Brooks Brothers; Shoes: Nine West; Handbag: Louis Vuitton)

MODA: What’s your favorite place to shop? Why?

MADISON: I really love shopping at Brooks Brothers for my classic dress and cardigans. I have a weakness for cream dresses and I can always seem to find one at brooks Brothers. I really love shopping at the Ralph Lauren in Chicago, which is their flagship store. It’s literally four floors of prep heaven. They have a fabulous collection of vintage jewelry that I always enjoying seeing. I don’t love a tall heal and a great place to find a shorter heel that still is fabulous is Nine West. A few years ago they came out with a “Jackie” pointed toe heel. This is a annual style that they carry even year and is one of their most popular. I can’t live without this shoe. It literally goes with everything! Dresses, pants, skirts you name it, it works! Vintage pieces are always great. I have recently found a small but amazing collection of vintage clothing at Redemption in Broad Ripple.Their pieces are in great condition and very unique!

Look 3: Sunday Brunch (Dress: From Redemption in Broad Ripple; Sweater: J Crew; Shoes: Nine West; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana; Belt: J Crew)

MODA: Have you ever had a fashion faux pas? What do you consider to be the worst?

MADISON: I feel we all had that fashion faux pas in elementary school. I know looking back at photos I can truly say I have no idea what I was thinking with some of my choices. The worst is the jean jacket with the matching jeans. Now, I love jean jackets but not with pants that look like they were cut from the same exact fabric.

MODA: We love your blog The Preppy Guide to Life. What is your goal with the blog?

MADISON: The Preppy Guide to Life is a blog that I have always wanted to start. I really want it to be a place where other Preppy Girls, like myself, can go and find classic fashion tips, fabulous events, and great places to shop for all those preppy items. I really hope my readers love it as much as I do. This week we are focusing on a Chicago jewelry designer, Rachel Lynn Chicago, who I had the chance to meet when I was visiting this past February. She designs fabulous pieces that would work in everyone’s wardrobe.

Look 4: Evening (Dress: Maggie London)

All photos were taken by Tyler Hrokmadka from 505 Photo Studio.

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