MFW Review: Hair & Makeup – by Andrew Boyd

While it was great to be back on the scene of Indy fashion, the hair and makeup was not as interesting as in October. However, the clothing was much more wearable and well thought and executed, so kudos to the designers.

Back to the hair—it was mostly left alone or pulled into a tight high ponytail with the exception of the Antonio Fermin gown presentation where there were plenty of updos and (gasp!) even some small jaunty hats and headpieces.

Photo Courtesy: Casey Photography.

I did like the back faux braided ponytail that was bound up with multiple hair—like bands—it offered a relaxed and sporty but pulled together look.

Photo Courtesy: Casey Photography

With the multiple designers and collections I concede it would be hard to get a consensus for a dominant hair trend or look especially since there were different feelings in the mostly sportswear categories.

A couple designers showed hoods and also headbands—ala the sixties or Native American style prints or beads. Maybe it is going to hair accessories instead of overly styled hair.

As for the makeup, the metallic trend has toned way down into just a metallic shimmer with a more natural glow especially for the eyes. At least that is what it appeared to be from the back row where I was. There were a few bold lips though in bright red and even a couple of black colored mouths. This is very acceptable when paired with a more understated eye palette for day or evening or else the bold eye and lip combo says “How do I get back to The Ringling Brothers?”

Photo Courtesy: Casey Photography

Overall, it was lovely and it was just great to get back in the swing of fashion especially since spring seems to be bypassing Indy and into the higher temps of summer.

Well keep your fashion fun and your resolve bold and we’ll see you at the next show!



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