Create Tomorrow – The snapshots!

What a blast we had at the Art Institute of Indianapolis’ fashion motion picture project, shown at the IMA last Saturday, March 3rd. If you didn’t make it we prepared a picture gallery with a few moments captured from the event, but no words or images will make justice and translate the awesomeness of being there. It was especially emotional for me seeing my classmates graduating and gave me an enormous sense of pride! This was a project that involved so many people and majors, so perhaps that’s why it worked so beautifully.

Congratulations to all the seniors, winners, and everyone who made a piece for the movie and for the ones who made the project possible for our entertainment. We wish you ALL the best and we are so moved we could be a part of such special event!!!

For more information about this event and how to pursue a career in fashion, photography, animation, graphic design, culinary and others, here in Indianapolis go to: and start planning your tomorrow!

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