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Midwest Fashion Week starts today! To finish off our sneak peek series of interviews, we talked to Anton Babich from Exotiq Apparel, the only menswear’s designer on Saturday’s show. Anton, 25, is originally from Ukraine and moved to the U.S. at the age of 5. What you might not know about Anton is that he has hosted two TV shows and is the creator of Fort Wayne Innovative Network Group. The guy is super busy and full of bold ideas. He will certainly bring some bling to the runway.

Moda: How did you get started in a fashion design career?

Anton: After reading many books about developing a business centered on the things that make me most passionate I started conceptualizing my own fashion line. I have always loved fashion but it was the tie that what started the entire vision. The first tie that I designed mainly for fun received a lot of attention when I wore it so I started creating more diverse ties. As my creativity grew I began to realize that through this concept I could develop an entire apparel line centered around started developing a business plan and as the passion and creativity grew so did the business.

Moda:Tell us a little about Exotiq Apparel?

Photo by 15th Street Portraits

Anton: It all began with the feeling of not wanting to blend into the crowd. It became so much more. Many people live within the “cookie cutter” lifestyle. With the realization that people want the ability to crossover their personality from their day life to their nightlife. We all work so hard we should feel good in what we wear and that is the purpose of our clothing concept. Classy, luxurious, vibrant, stylish top notch quality products, with impeccable detail in every design.

Moda: Your creations are very bold, you use a lot sateen, vibrant colors, rhinestones … What inspires your design?

Anton: The biggest inspiration in the designs of Exotiq Apparel is the ability to be creative and diverse with every design, being very bold with attention to the details in the designs. Exotiq Apparel is designed to make every person wearing it feel very powerful and confident. The business world has plenty of dull designs but at Exotiq we aspire to give the options of a vibrant collection with unique richness that maintains classiness with an edge while defining and inspiring character and personality.

Model: Austin Grate; Photo: Styles By Dials Photography

Moda: You are the only menswear designer on Saturday’s event. What should we expect to see?

Anton: Expect to see a collection unique designs full of vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics, with crystalized designs that revolutionize and redefine the fashion industry and inspire the fashion enthusiast.

Moda: What’s your favorite item in the collection?

Anton: I personally do not have a favorite item. With so much energy and creativity being put into every design I must say I love them all equally. I do have a passion for everything that is crystalized because I believe it is a first of its kind in fashion.

Moda: What’s a must-have item in a man’s wardrobe?

Anton: There are many must have items in a man’s wardrobe. It never hurts to have a very nice suit and tie. You cannot ever go wrong wearing a nice suit! The expression “the accessories man the man,”is very true. I think having rings, a watch, cufflinks, hats, bracelets, sunglasses, etc., all give a great deal of character to ones outfit. Every man must have a nice pair of dress shoes. Dress shoes work with a suit of course, but they also look great with a good pair of jeans as well. The modern man should embrace accessories.

Model: Tom Urdiales; Photo: 15th Street Portraits

Moda: Anything else you want to add?

Anton: This is only the beginning for Exotiq Apparel. We officially launched the first collection this year and continue to be involved in numerous events that foster growth. As the future of Exotiq unfolds watch for a full accessory line as well as a cologne. We are in the process of launching the apparel line into boutiques and stores nationwide. The men’s tie collection is available at and the full apparel collection will be available by late 2011. Our goal for 2012 is to introduce our first women’s collection.

Photo by 15th Street Portraits

Visit to see learn more about Exotiq Apparel.

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