Special MFW: Nataliya Kitic

We are so excited to talk to Nataliya again, not only we haven’t had time to hang out this past summer but we haven’t had much time to talk either. Blaming on that good European  blood that we carry, we share a special likeness for beer from the bottle and/or a few glasses of wine, so we’re hoping to catch up at the MFW after party!

We asked Nataliya’s some follow up questions, since interviewing her  last April, to see what she’s up to:

Moda: What was your inspiration when you designed your spring 2012 collection?
Nataliya: My Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is inspired all by color and print. You will see a variety of tops, bottoms, and perfect summer dresses made from silk and light weight materials. Also, I used a note of leather in some of my designs.
Moda: Are you still working with recycled materials when creating your garments?

Recycled garment made of used lamp shade and used curtains.

Nataliya:I love working with recycled materials and I am developing a new accessories line called N/A.
Moda: Now that Studio NTK is up and running, how do you find time to design when also managing your own business and working on the design team at Motion Wear?
Nataliya: I try to separate my day job from my own business so there is no conflict of interests. Having a business requires a lot of hard work. I work 12 hours, seven days a week  and I hope that in the end it will pay off.
Moda: What’s next for Indy’s Super Girl Nataliy Kitic?
Nataliya:I have so many plans for the future. Next, I am planning to sell my collection at local boutiques and expand online. Also, a totally new website is coming soon.

Karina Reske, Nataliya Kitic, and Kimberly Bogle at the Art in the Round showcasing Nataliya's designs

To find out more about her designs go to her webpage at studiontk.com.
Also, check out Nataliya’s digital portfolio at nataliyakitic.weebly.com.
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