Special MFW: Melissa Tabor

Melissa Tabor - Fashion Designer

Melissa is a designer based in Nashville (another great one!). She has interned with nothing less than Oscar de la Renta’s studio in NYC. To have that under her belt means that she has to deliver, and so far our impression from her designs are a strong and sweet vibe. Minimalism is very present and yet I would call it a modern twist on the classic silhouettes.

We talked to Melissa. Read on to see what she has to say:

Moda: Since interning with Oscar de la Renta in NYC, do you feel like your designs have changed to a more lady-like aspect or did you always lean towards that target?

Tabor:I have always leaned more towards the “refined woman” when designing.  I grew up in love with the classics (old movies, Christian Dior, Chanel, etc) and I think those things have always been my biggest influences.  Through my love of these things, it led to Oscar being my favorite modern day designer because no one does refined and classic in a modern way better than him.  And although I always loved designing for the refined woman, after my internship, I definitely allowed my designs to work more in that direction because that is just what I know best.  Whether I did the internship because of that or whether it influenced me more, I really have never known.  My guess is that it is an equal part of both.

Moda: We see a lot of minimalism in your designs, which designers are you most influenced by?

Tabor: Roland Mouret, Olivier Theyskens, Oscar (obviously), and a newer favorite of mine is Marchesa–although that collection is definitely much more detail oriented, but I am in love with almost every piece each season.

Moda: What would you say is a must-have in a lady’s closet? What is your must-have? 

Tabor: I would say that one dress that you never grow tired of.  Most likely a little black dress or something of that nature.  The dress you can dress up or dress down and alway feel beautiful in.  That is what I base my collection on–the dress that makes you feel your best–today and even 10 years down the road.

Moda: What should we expect from you spring 2012 collection? 

Tabor: I am really trying something different with this collection–in one word…color!  If you know my collection you know that I use almost all neutral, base colors.  Of course, I can never stray completely from that, but I did find myself really wanting to throw in some bright mood colors here and there.  Every time I look at my story board I almost gasp (in a great way) at all the color!  This is new for me and I am really excited about it.  As far as the designs–you can expect what I work with best–fitted, clean silhouettes with rich, textured fabrics.  I have a rack of many pieces that I am so excited to show.  I couldn’t be happier with the collection and can’t wait to show it at Midwest Fashion Week!

For more info on Melissa’s work go to her web page at: melissatabor.com

We can’t wait to see Melissa’s designs on the runway!



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