Autumn 2011 Hair Trends

The modern 1940's look is perfection with Dita Von Teese

Schools are back in session and the temperatures are now more tolerable, which mean the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. So, let’s talk about what’s happening with hair for this new season.

The overall trend seems to be drawing from the 1940’s, think Hollywood and pin-ups, also, the rallying around for a stronger national identity.  We have been going through some tough times and it seems we need some glamour.

Color:The main color trends coming up are bolder, more polarized if you will. The trend in brunettes is deep and cool, redheads are bright and intense and blondes are dramatic. Multidimensional looks are also still on the scene, so don’t feel you have to ditch your highlights yet – but maybe consider adding in one of these colors as an accent and nod to the new seasonal glamour.

Charlize, chic bob right on trend

Tyra is a timeless, classy lady with this 40's up do

Extensions:The feather extension is still on trend although it may be slowing down by the end of the year depending on supply and demand. Another trend that is still up and coming is glam strands which are bright colored extensions in truly brilliant hues like purple, pink, blue, teal, turquoise and magenta. These two trends are mostly for the younger and more creative classes, where these looks are more appropriate in the workplace or schools.

Feather Extensions

Colored extensions

Headwear: To get in on these more glamorous trends without the permanence of bonded extensions my suggestion is a headband or fascinator to top off an evening look.  Some of my favorite creations for couture headwear come from right here in Indianapolis from Emilliner. They are great for the glam factor and you are supporting the local economy – and that’s a win win!

Keep checking back as I’m sure to share more trends and inspirations in the coming weeks.



Fascinator for the fashion girl

40's style headband

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