Four Ways to Wear your Cover Up (Canga)

If you are not Brazilian chances are you haven’t heard this word. But maybe you already know what we’re talking about. Canga is a bathing suit cover up widely used in Brazil. It can be worn as a cover up, a beach towel, a summer scarf or whatever else your creativity takes you. Also known as sarong ( large tube of fabric worn as a kilt by men and as a skirt by women in Asia) or pareo (Tahitian word for wraparound skirt), these cover ups are very common in some Asian countries, but not as used around the world. We can’t understand why since they are highly practical and fashionable.

This post is to teach you different ways to tie your cover-up (Brazilian style!). The wider and longer the cover up, the more options you’ll have to transform it. And if you ever go to Brazil, buy as many cangas as you can. They are incredible investment pieces and can even be worn during colder months as a chunky scarf. Also, since materials used to make them are usually gauze cotton and lightweight fabrics they won’t be itchy against your skin :)

We couldn’t find any tutorial we were in love with (at least not in English) and due to lack of time to make our own I thought we could use this awesome Brazilian website pics to show you some of the looks you can create with your canga. Have fun!!!

Mini dress with belt

One shoulder dress with belt

Relaxed strapless style

Wrap around simple as it gets




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